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Anti-terror centre warns Kenyans over terrorism

The National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) has advised Kenyans be extra vigilant and report any threats they may encounter.

NCTC said terror threats are still there and called for co-operation to address the menace. The centre is charged with detecting and countering terrorism. 

The centre said roadsides, lecture halls, dinning halls, residential areas, waiting areas or rest rooms, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and hospitals remain prime targets for terror attacks. NCTC Director Isaac Ochieng’ said crowded places could be “vulnerable to a range of criminal acts including terrorism”.

“To those who manage crowded places, they need to search the premises during and after opening, remain vigilant during opening hours, ensure emergency exits are secured when not in use to prevent unauthorised entry, check toilets regularly for unattended items and report suspicious activities,” he said in a statement.

Ochieng’ said terrorists may also target the transport sector.

The public, he said, needs to be alert on people who are in unauthorised areas and appear lost, dressed inappropriately or overdressed for a given weather and who avoid eye contact.

“Never attempt to disturb or move a suspicious object. Have minimal time on a suspicious object, report the matter to police and in case of an explosion, keep off the scene until it is cleared,” NCTC said.

The centre also advised Kenyans to take note of size, activity, location, uniform, time and equipment when reporting.

The Government security agencies are working round the clock as we are ushering in the new year to ensure the public is safe and secure during the festivities, Ochieng’ added. The warning comes at a time the Government is grappling to contain transnational crimes like terrorism


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