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At least 88 killed in western Uganda

 At least 88 people were killed in attacks over the weekend in western Uganda, a police spokesman said.

The identity of the attackers is not known.

They wielded machetes, spears, and bows and arrows, and targeted police stations and military barracks, said police spokesman Fred Enanga.

He said the majority of those killed were civilians, although some attackers were also killed, and that authorities expect the death toll to rise as they discover more bodies.

Hundreds of people have been arrested so far, including tribal leaders, Enanga said.

The spokesman speculated as to the motive.

“So far, we find it was a coordinated attack with intention to steal guns,” he said, adding that 22 guns had been stolen.

Among those killed, according to Army spokesman Lt. Ninsiima Rwemijuma, was a female soldier and her three children.


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