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Away from home yet near with E_J FoodStore in Arlington

In our business daily,we were priviledged to focus on E & J Food Store which  is a family owned business located at 6401 S. Cooper suite 137,  Arlington, Texas 76001.It os one of its kind combining home grown products such as: Specialty Foods: white corn meal 50, 25, 5 lbs ,wimbi flour: plain & sour, Chapati & Mandazi , royco mchuzi mix, Ketepa tea leave/bag, pilau, beef & fish masala, tea masala, curry powder, blue band, tusker, pilsner, njahi (black beans), Farmers Choice Sausages, goat meat, basmati rice, mahatma long grain rice, gari, pounded yam, bitter leaf, soya beans, pegion peas, lentilschick peas, binto beans, green split peas.

When AGR FM presenters visited the store, they also noted some Product List: DVD rentals, sandwiches, lunchables, tamales, chicken wings, lunch specials, salads, beer & wine, cigarettes & tobacco, candy, gum & mints, energy/ nutritional drinks, soft drinks, water/isotonics, snacks, dairy,frozen, packaged and refrigirated foods, cold/hot dispensed baverages, health/beauty care, automotives, pet and household goods.

The most special thing we recognized is the reception and good customer service we were given unlike most places where retailers don’t care who comes in and who goes out.Reaching the CEO this is what he had to say,”

E & J Food Store is a convenience store providing quality products including beer & wine, energy drinks, snacks, candy/gum and mints, health and beauty care, bread and milk, cigarettes/tobacco, calling cards, lotto and lottery and lots more. Our business is founded on five principals:

Fast and friendly customer service




Product assortment

Our goal is to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers when it comes to their shopping experience at E & J Food Store.”

We also realized that the convenient store is are located at the corner of Cooper @ Hardisty in South Arlington. The shopping center is Cooper Market with online shopping and e-market. Mr James nyakundi,keep the light shining as you bring kenyans back home,though away from home we feel near. for more E_JFOODSTORE.COM

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