Beto O’Rourke to Endorses Joe Biden for President

Former presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, a former Texas congressman, Yesterday joined a string of recent high-profile Democrats who’ve backed Biden since he won the South Carolina primary in a bid to unify the party behind the former vice president and slow the trajectory of Bernie Sanders. this is his full speech

' I’m voting for Joe Biden because he can beat Donald Trump; because having him at the top of the ticket will help our down-ballot candidates, especially in Texas; and because he can bring people together to reach the ambitious goals we have for our country.

Joe can beat Donald Trump because he is the clear contrast to Donald Trump. Joe Biden is kind and decent. Empathetic and caring. He will reassert our moral standing in the world at a moment that it’s been called into question, and he will take a strong stand for democracy and the rule of law at a moment that both are under attack at home and abroad. We have never had a threat so existential to our democracy as the one we face in Donald Trump. I believe that Joe Biden is our best hope to take on Trump and Trumpism, and to restore the integrity of our elections and our republic.

Joe can also help our candidates in state legislative races across the country. We have a chance to win a majority in the Texas state house for the first time in 20 years. That means no more racist gerrymandering, no more voter suppression and no more bathroom bills and “show me your papers” legislation. Many of our Democratic candidates and state representatives have told me that having Biden at the top of the ticket is going to help them win and stay in office.

And I believe that Joe can help us accomplish an ambitious agenda for America. He has listened to the people of this country in developing progressive plans on climate change, immigration, healthcare, gun violence, and caring for our veterans. I am confident that he has the experience and capacity to build the coalitions necessary to make progress on these issues, and has shown an ability to reach across the aisle to build consensus.

While I am declaring my support for Joe, I must acknowledge the strengths of the remaining candidates. Elizabeth Warren has demonstrated extraordinary integrity and intelligence in her career and on the campaign trail. Michael Bloomberg has often used his wealth to pursue the common good: reducing gun violence and averting climate catastrophe. And Bernie Sanders has consistently and successfully pushed this country to think big. From universal healthcare to higher education that is accessible to everyone, he and his supporters have already made this a better country by asking us to demand more of ourselves. I am encouraged by the energy of his volunteers, especially the young people at the vanguard of his movement. They are fighting for ideals that are consistent with our highest aspirations, and I am confident that their leadership will be essential to reaching them, whoever wins the next election.

Any of the remaining candidates would make a great President and would be a welcome alternative to the current occupant of the White House. I am grateful to those who have made the sacrifice to run and especially to their supporters, team members and volunteers.

You’re receiving this email because you are a current or previous supporter of mine, a friend or family member. I know from the feedback I’ve received throughout this election cycle from you that some on this list will be happy that I’m supporting Joe and some will be disappointed. Please know that regardless of the candidate we back, I believe that we’re ultimately all in this together, and I look forward to fighting by your side now or down the road.

Whether our nominee is Joe Biden or someone else - I will support that person with all that I have. Our country, our democracy, our future is on the line and we should expect nothing less of ourselves.' Beto

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Former presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, a former Texas congressman, Yesterday joined a string of recent high-profile Democrats who’ve backed Biden since he won the South Carolina primary in a bid