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Fort Morgan, Colorado: About 150 Muslim Workers Reportedly Fired From Plant After Prayer Dispute

The workers, most of them Somali immigrants, left work at Cargill Meat Solutions earlier this month to pray. The Council on American-Islamic Relations said most of the workers were fired on Tuesday.

CAIR‬: Muslim workers at Fort Morgan meat packing plant fired over walkout involving prayer dispute

About 150 workers, most of them immigrants from Somalia, have been fired from a Colorado meat packing plant after walking off the job during a dispute over workplace prayer.

The Denver Post reports ( ) about 200 workers walked off their jobs at Cargill Meat Solutions in Fort Morgan earlier this month. Jaylani Hussein with the Council on American-Islamic Relations says that depending on the season, the Muslim workers prayed at different times of the day. But a decision was made at the plant to change the practice.

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