All roads leading to Nyakoiba, despite the office of the president and the local government being in the county, was a clear message followed with a smart delivery of the long awaited computers. with many diginitaries from KNUT office Mtumishi Geoffrey mogire, Our Dispora leaders as KYA President Dominic Mang’erere, Hon Jimmy Onkangi, the Host and Diaspora figure Nyangenya Bwo’manga among many, our great presenters from Egesa represented by Erastus Sorobi Moturi, Marion bosire of Minto Fm among many, artists as Stella Nyanduko,Jared Menge among many, Complit Kenya officials and all we cannot name at this time, we are honored. An event aired Live on AGR FM was all joy.


A message made clear by one of us, Nyangenya Bwomanga, “Am cordially Inviting you as one of my friends to join me in Kenya to officially hand over the 60 computers to Schools in Ibencho Division. We shall Launch The Vision 2020 on this Day which shall ensure that the more than 2000 public Schools In Kisii and Nyamira Counties have at least 5 computers by 2020. Because of the overwhelming support I received from You the computers are on the Way to Kenya. Let us go and Celebrate!!!”  came true.

This is a journey that started a few months ago through determination in the name of giving back to the community.The ocassion is set to be June 6th 2014 at Nyakoiba secondary school in kisii being graced by more than 30 guys from the diaspora who are already in Kenya for this function. Among them we have :1. Walter Omwenga 2. Jimmy Onkangi 3. Sam Abuga Mweberi 4. Jeff Ongubo 5. Duncan Ondieki 6. Nanah Telly Sweets Babie 7. Prives Makoyo 8. Jshaa Monga 9. Mobby Mobisa 10.Hon Ongera Mokaya 11.Josephine Ongaga 12.Dennis Binyanya 13. Lenah Mercy 14. Gerald Nyaayo 15.Josephat Obondi 16. Ribo Evans 17.Glayonce Pinky 18.Vincent Tongi 19.William Kiage 20. Evans Rwoma 21. Gladys Osiris 22.Bernard Choi 23.Abuga Jnr 24.Dorothy Ondara 25.Robert Ombati 26.Joseph Juma 27.Nyangenya Bwomanga 28. Hon Dominic Mangerere 29. Abiud Mogoba 30. Jimmy momanyi among others.

Other diginitaries are expected to be there. Nyangenya Bwomanga had reveraled much through the first interview and many that followed through AGR FM TELEVISION NETWORK, ABAGUSII GLOBAL RADIO, AGR FM,The Nation, Jambo News, MINTO FM IN NRB  among many scheduled. AGR FM will be airing the event live from Kenya.

more to follow……………

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