GUSII VISION 2020 DOES IT AGAIN- Arlington, Texas.

It wasn’t a day as usual when the gates of Bob-Duncan Park in Arlington opened to accommodate one of Kenyans finest events in the Metroplex.

When all curtains rolled last year in Denton for one of the Kenyans in Diaspora-USA, not much could be unveiled. The day that was much anticipated finally came to a huge success yesterday 08/15/2015, when more than 1000 attendees made it. It indeed seemed a big success from the onset when the Tarrant county health department commenced with free medical camp with HIV testing, diabetes,and other ailments. A huge number without regard to race, color or even immigration status came both big and small.

Nyangenya Bw’Omanga taking the lead to free medical testing (AGR FM)

Various diaspora leaders took to stage with several pieces of advice regarding diaspora stay and giving back to the community specifically -Kenya. Speaking on the event the Tarrant County health department felt honored and extended a good relationshipto partner with Gusii Vision 2020 to provide free medical camps in Kenya.”Usually when we go to Africa its when we hear of outbreak of something. But I find it a rare ocassion that an invitation is extended to us on a friendly terms before any outbreak just for preventive measures. you people are brave and we will do our best.” Dr Wanda Floyd of Tarrant county public health speaking.

KDAC chairman one of the diaspora prominent leaders Mr Alex Kurundu took it upon kenyans spending thousands of dollars to burry the dead when great investment should be of priority words that were echoed by Elder, Peter Mokaya of Metro community church with a rhetoric question that how much the dead needs! Mr Kurundu said an insurance plan has been unveiled to cater for everybody and that in three years there shall be no more funds drive for the dead instead people would gather to celebrate and hand in a cheque that will cater for the whole process.

some of the computers assembled as they come (AGR FM)

Various speakers as Mr Henry Onduma MCC, Isaac Machani, Mwalimu Okemwa Nyambuka, consulate aspirant Bw.Arasa, ‘Balozi’ Walter Omwenga, Ayub Nyangwara MCA aspirant Bosoti/Sengera,Joash Orenge, Abiud Onditi among many had the same sentiments of unity Calling upon the Kisii Govenor Bwana Ongwae and his Nyamira counter part Mr Nyagarama to be guests in the next computer harvesting. They also termed Kenya as having matured that after politics work must begin while politicking puts it behind with many cases in courts derail progress. The team Vowed to spear head development in both counties for the sake of future generations.

Tarrant county Health dept. (AGR FM)

The Gusii Vision 2020 new leadership headed by chairman George Mokuasi, deputised by Stanely Omweri with secretary Hon. Dominic Mang’erere Bobasi mp aspirant 2017, and ‘Balozi’ Walter Omwenga as treasurer. Other members of the committee are Felix Nyangate of Diaspora heart beat, Bwana Pascal Momanyi, Mc Vincent Tong’i, Evans Angwenyi, Benard Guto,Jimmy Onkangi, Orina Ontiri, Fred Okwena -President GICO, Robert Nyarusa,among others.

“On Hiv/ testing it’s imperative that we know our status. I thank the Tarrant cunty for accepting to partner with Gusii Vision 2020.I thank our people who volunteered to be tested. we had more than 20 people and the information from the public health was great.” Nyangenya Bw’Omanga.

Chary Horton, and Michael Horton from ID life company voluntered to partiner with Vision 2020 to keep people health with wonderful programs on sustainance.

With a confirmation from Mr Felix Nyang’ate that a larger part of public schools now access electricity and a fair number of amenities, it is of essence that computer expertise is instilled to our young ones by professionals. Ms JulietOdima, community director of community relations from Colaberry company enrolled many kenyan young ones to be trained in the metroplex and as well plan to do the same back in kenya.

some of Diaspora leadership preparing for the event (AGR FM)

The event was streamed live from the arena through Abagusii Global radio-AGR FM a Kenyan franchise with over 15,000 listernership averagely operating as non profit to bring awareness to diaspora through media. The event was graced by Rosemary Biyaki and Celestine gospel artists , Dj Domi of metroplex among others.

Over 100 computers were realised and still pledges are coming in. The shipping date shall be determined and the container will be released in public domain just as the previous ocassion seasoned last year.

Editor-Orina Ontiri(AGR FM)

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