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Irving police: Man got his son out of the house before killing ex, her new boyfriend, himself

Marvin Rene Lopez Monge’s 19-year-old son left the home of his father’s ex-girlfriend to meet him at an Irving Wal-Mart on Wednesday. But Monge never arrived at the store.

Instead, after tricking his son during a phone call into leaving the house, Monge went to the home and walked into the bedroom with a gun. His son’s pregnant girlfriend walked in but ran away. Then Monge, 44, shot his ex, her new boyfriend and himself, police say.

“We’re looking at this from the premise of this being a domestic-type situation. They split up and he obviously seemed very traumatized by it,” said Irving police spokesman James McLellan. “It seems like one of these scenarios — ‘If I can’t have you, nobody can.’”

Police released new details about the double murder-suicide Thursday that left Monge, Fanny Perez, 41, and Jorge Reynaldo Guevara, 52, dead.

Perez’s mother and two of Perez’s children, ages 14 and 16, were in the home during the shooting, according to police. They and the pregnant woman were unharmed.

The pregnant woman called 911 just before noon Wednesday to report the shooting. Later in the call, a male voice can be heard saying, “Yeah, he shot my mom.”

She told the 911 operator that the shooter was still in the house. Moments later, she called Monge’s son, who rushed to the home in the 3800 block of Rainier Street, near Belt Line Road and State Highway 183, and found the victims.

Police said the case appeared straightforward.

“There’s not a whole lot of thought that needs to go into it other than the normal steps of handling an investigation and interviewing witnesses,” McLellan said.

He said there were no prior police calls to that address for domestic incidents or “for any reason whatsoever.”

Monge and Perez weren’t married but had been together for a long time. The two apparently used to date in Honduras years ago and were reunited in the U.S., McLellan said. But they had separated in recent months, police said.

Perez finalized the divorce with the children’s biological father in September, but those two had been separated since 2003, according to court records.

Next-door neighbor Roxana Gonzalez, 38, said Perez also has younger children who are in Houston with their father for spring break.

Gonzalez said the split between Monge and Perez seemed amicable at first.

“Everything was fine, but when the mom got a boyfriend, that’s when the problems started,” Gonzalez said through her daughter, who speaks English. dallas news

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