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Kenya “Anti Stripping Squad” formed

A special police squad has been formed to hunt down and deal with men who are stripping women in public. The “Anti Stripping Squad” which will be based in Nairobi, has more than a dozen officers. This came as police appealed to a woman captured screaming for mercy as men sexually harass her in a clip being circulated in the social media. The clip was captured in a matatu in Githurai and the woman was with at least three men. Nairobi head of CID Nicholas Kamwende said Wednesday that they would like to talk to the women over the incident. “We will treat her information confidential and I appeal to her to come to my office so that we can take action on the men who stripped and assaulted her,” said Kamwende. In the clip, the men are seen touching her provocatively and at one point, one of them threatened to insert a bottle into her private parts. At the same time, the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) is seeking special permission from the Director of Public Prosecution to prosecute men stripping women in public. std

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