Kenyan Truck Driver killed in early morning crash in Scituate

A truck driver was killed early Friday morning in a crash that shut down parts of routes 6 and 101 in Scituate.

Police said the trucker was thrown from the cab of the truck and buried under the contents of the trailer.

It took an extensive police search to locate the body. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

The tractor-trailer swerved off the road at about 4 a.m. Police speculate the driver may have fallen asleep or had some kind of emergency. He was the only person on the road at the time.

Sources said the driver likely went the wrong way through an intersection, hitting some poles along the way before striking a guardrail and veering into the woods.

The crash damaged 66 feet of guardrail and several trees had to be cut down.

The state Department of Environmental Management helped with the cleanup process because the truck was leaking diesel fuel onto the highway.

The truck was traveling through Rhode Island from Fort Worth, Texas, carrying with it a truck bed filled with Hunt’s tomato sauce.the truck was registered to Kass FM, a trucking firm outside of Dallas.

The accident shut down Route 6 and 101 for more than eight hour

The driver according to undisclosed sources presumed to be Joseph Kariuki, husband to Jane Maina, was driving the truck registered to a Kenyan owned trucking company-KASS FM based in Fort-Worth, Texas. Family and friends are meeting at their residence 8772 Franklin Ave, Clive, Iowa, 50325 everyday for funeral arrangements.

We say Pole.

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