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At least 18 students were arrested and property valued at millions of shillings destroyed in riots at the Kenyatta University main campus, Nairobi. The students were protesting the decision by the university management to bar a candidate from contesting Thursday’s planned elections to elect their leaders. Transformers were burnt down; hostels destroyed and other property damaged in the Wednesday night riots that spread to early Thursday morning. Police were overwhelmed and chased from the institution before more personnel were called in to contain the situation. Fire engines were stoned and chased away by angry students who accused the management of wrongly baring their favourite candidate It took the arrival of more police personnel late in the night to contain the situation as the students continued to burn property. Tension remained high on Thursday more as GSU personnel were camping in the compound ahead of the elections amid reports there could be more riots. The riots were sparked by the university management to bar Sammy Owino from running for the post of presidency at Kusa over claims he had not followed the laid down instructions. Some students blocked the main Thika Highway as they demanded that Owino be allowed to participate in the elections for a position of “presidency”. Police say there are fears of fresh riots but anti-riot personnel have been put on alert to act. Wednesday night, anti-riot police were used to disperse the students who had blocked the way affecting traffic flow and were causing damage within the compound. Police said those arrested will be interrogated before further action is taken. The students are electing new leaders to champion their welfare. There was no immediate response from the management on the reasons to bar Owino from contesting.

credit to The standard

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