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Kids reaching to christ

A new study has shown that over half of all kids walk away from Christ after high school – which is a heartbreaking statistic.

This means that we must do a better job of reaching kids starting now! Many Christian families and churches spend a great deal of time teaching children Bible stories about Jesus, the prophets, and the disciples. But sadly, the essentials of the Christian faith often get neglected. Kids can attend Sabbath school for years and still come up with questions like, “How do I pray?” & “Why should I pray when God already knows everything?” At the end of the day children must understand the living God and learn the fundamentals of how to walk with him. Kids will learn how to speak to God. They will practice hearing God’s voice. They will practice putting Jesus on the throne of their lives and not removing him when they want to take charge again. They will understand how the Holy Spirit works and how to yield to its messages. You will be able to set students on the path to true Christian worship and seeing the evidence of God coming alive in them! The Truth is Many Kids are Searching for Something More …

They need God in their lives and may surprise you with how agreeable they can be to listening to messages about

Orina Ontiri

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