Kiharu MP pulls his sleeves on president Uhuru

Kiharu MP pulled up his sleeves and viciously attacked the president while speaking to Githurai residents, telling the president that he did not fear him.

Nyoro cautioned Kenya's president not to offend them when he has the chance to speak. According to Nyoro, Uhuru has been abusing the people who chose him for two terms, and it is not appropriate for him to continue insulting them every time he has the chance.

He also requested that the President drop a phrase he had been using to refer to the Kenya Kwanza brigade as 'mikora.' Nyoro also stated that if they were 'mikora,' they would not move throughout the country advocating for him till he became Kenya's president.

He also remembered being arrested. 200 officers were dispatched to him in order to instill fear in him. As a result, he implored Uhuru not to instill fea among the people of Mt Kenya by using Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI), Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), and even Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

The Boda Boda boys were also brought in, and Nyoro requested the President to leave them alone because they are parents with dependents as well. He even requested that the president issue an order requiring those who paid Ksh 35,000 to be refunded before next week.

Since the president has been discussing thieves, Nyoro disclosed that Uhuru was not legitimate. He even received a large shamba in Githurai that he did not purchase. In legal words, he didn't obtain it.

Fearless Nyoro further stated that the President should not sell Mt Kenyan like brookside. He claimed that most youths were impoverished as a result of fuliza, and that others were on the CRB. He challenged the president to release them from CRB because their family controls NCBA bank, which owns the Fuliza. That is, if he cares about Kenyans.

Finally, Nyoro recalled a song sung by the president and some of the youths while at the statehouse. He stated that he still has vocals and he can sing because he respects but does not fear the president.

By Edwin Mokaya

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