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Mankind Killing Man’s Kindness

irony of life

  1. Food In Great Supply

  2. But of hunger many die

  3. Why

  4. Makes me wanna holler

  5. The way they do my Life

  6. Using the Dollar

  7. Struggling killing Nuptiality

  8. Homelessness haunting Family

  9. Why

  10. Makes me wanna holler

  11. The way they do my Life

  12. Using the Dollar

  13. Massive, needs are everywhere

  14. Many, beat down by unemployment scare

  15. Why

  16. Makes me wanna holler

  17. The way they do my Life

  18. Using the Dollar

  19. Hope, the sword of Damocles

  20. Got so many living ontheir knees

  21. Why

  22. Makes me wanna holler

  23. The way they do my Life

  24. Using the Dollar

  25. Loving joy arrested today

  26. Depressive misery winding the way

  27. Why

  28. Makes me wanna holler

  29. The way they do my Life

  30. Using the Dollar

  31. The floor has become the sky

  32. Faith is waiting, begging to die

  33. Why

  34. Makes me wanna holler

  35. The way they do my Life

  36. Using the Dollar

  37. I can never retire

  38. My mind’s on fire

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