‪#‎MpeketoniAttack‬ was very unfortunate and sad.unfortunately the government is trying to link it to Raila Odinga request for National dialogue and his rallies.

It is true the majority of the people killed are Kikuyus,there are also other communities staying in the same area.we are therefore right to say the Kikuyus were targeted.

The question is who? And why?

The alshabab has claimed responsibility,they know our president is kikuyu-were they trying to revenge on his people To compel him to withdraw from Somalia,or to inflict direct pain to him?

Two,there is already political tension on the country and Alshabab knows that, are they trying to cause animosity between Kenyan tribes so that we can go into civil war and have banana republic.yes this is also a possibility. They had tried to cause animosity between Muslims and Christians before.

Kenyans feel so bad today…they are scared.they know the government can’t handle their security……‪#‎thinkingaloud‬

#analysis #mpeketoniattack #thinkingaloud

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