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Nyachae says he will not be in the ballot come 2017

By Charles Ayako Nyachae. Hello friends! I trust that you all had a blessed Sabbath. May The Good Lord continue to shower each one of you with blessings this weekend and beyond. Though I didn’t attend Church today, and indeed was indoors throughout the day, I had a great opportunity to reflect on God’s many blessings! He is truly an awesome God! My reflections included a question I have asked myself over and over again. Being greatly blessed as I am and have been, what role can I play that in whatever modest way, will add value to, and contribute towards positive change in society.

On of the greatest blessings I have had bestowed upon me is the historic opportunity I have had over the last nearly five years, to serve my compatriots in the capacity of Chair of CIC. From the onset my colleagues accepted the opportunity with humility, acknowledging that we were not necessarily the best for the job, but that God and fate, had been gracious to us. Over the last five years, we have given the task our best shot. Like all human endeavours, our best was not, and never could have been, a perfect shot. I humbly submit to the judgement of history, but at the end of December will leave with my head high that my colleagues and I did our best. In the implementation journey, plenty remains to be done, and it is my prayer that Parliament will make the best decision on the future of that journey, in the best interests of all Kenyans.

For me,going forward, I hope I can, as a private citizen add value to that journey.

On this platform and in other fora, there has been much speculation about my future plans. Understandably much of that speculation has emanated from members of my community, Abagusii,and specifically my fellow residents of Kisii County. There has in particular been speculation that I will run for elective office in Kisii County in 2017. Many have expressed support for this idea. Others have rubbished the very thought! ! I grant all of them good faith, and respect and appreciate their views. Needless to say I have never, privately or publicly, directly or indirectly, stated that I will run for any public office.

I have every intention of continuing to engage in discourse on public affairs at all levels from the perspective of a reasonably informed private citizen. I have every intention of continuing to participate in social and communal activities in the country generally, and in my homeland of Gusii specifically. I make no apologies for that.

HOWEVER, I HAVE NO PLANS TO RUN FOR ELECTIVE OFFICE IN KISII COUNTY OR ELSEWHERE . If I can contribute towards a vision that leads to positive change, particularly for the most disadvantaged in our society, both at the community level and at the national level I will have made a far greater contribution, of course alongside others, than I would by running for, or even occupying an elective public office, absent of a shared agenda .

For Kisii County and the community of Mwanyagetinge, my humble thought : let’s focus on developing a shared vision with a clear agenda for the realisation of that vision before we talk of who plays what role in the journey to that vision. We otherwise run the risk of stagnating in the negative features that characterise the bulk of our community in virtually all sectors: poverty, declining education, infrastructural challenges, general underdevelopment. …..minto, we know them all!!

Let me leave my reflections there for now….Jioni njema!

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