Nyangenya Bw’Omanga hits the ground again

Job has hit the ground again. On arrival at JKIA from DFW, his first was a day well spent in meeting party leader Hon. Raila Odinga, Asp. Senator Prof. Sam Ongeri, Asp Women Rep Janet Ongera and other party officials.

It is clear to all that Job is a bridge builder and a good steward of our voices, something the party officials are receiving well.

“Lets call home and push to sway the tide to our advantage as we approach the home stretch of nominations”. Communication Secretary Nyangenya Campaign team mr Derrick M.

A good leader has in mind, the well being of everyone, especially those in dire straits. Today at Nyagenke, Job spent time from his campaign trail to mourn with two families before heading to Mesesi where he held consultative meetings with Elders and Chiefs.

He continues to meet with leaders and ordinary mwananchi in trying to forge a partnership that will effect the desired change.

Machoge Chache Must shine

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