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Nyangenya does it again-giving back to the community

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in yet another occassion of giving back to the community, the residents of Bomachoge Chache woke up for another reason to smile when one of their own Job Nyangenya B’Omanga  donated free digital blood pressure machines, Glucometers and digital thermometers to three health centers namely Keragia Dispensary, Gucha Level 4 and Egetuki Dispensary all in Bomachoge Chache constituency.

Nyangenya Job Omanga  according to the unnamed source,  has been so instrumental to the community at large.The residents at Moogi dispensary could not hide their joy being the first ones to taste the services. Nyangenya is set to finalize with Omorembe dispensary this thursday.

At the onset of 2016 he had sponsored a very successful soccer tournament in the area where The Blues earned the Championship and won the Cup against  The Home Boys!

Attempts to reach him on further comments were in vain as we were informed that he was so busy doing the distribution but these were Nyangenya’s remarks on his facebook account.

“Chief Matonga Gideon Obara of Ibencho Location receiving the free digital blood pressure machines, Glucometers for Measuring blood sugars and Digital thermometers for Measuring temeprature that I donated to the Dispensary. Particular thank you to chief Solomon Obara and Chief Jonathan Akama for the good mobilization skills and the people of Ibencho. We shall be doing the same mission next week on Wednesday 6th at Keragia Dispensary and Gucha Level 4. Let the work of God be done!”

Reaching Nyangenya today, this is what he told AGR FM,

“I donated 1 digital blood pressure machines 1 Glucometer ( for Measuring blood sugars/diabetes), and 5 digital sugarsmeters to the following centers Moogi Dispensary and Omorembe in Bosoti/Sengera Ward. Keragia Dispensary and Bomachoge Chache sub-county Hospital in Tendere/Boochi ward and Egetuki Dispensary in Majoge Bassi Ward. The plan is to have all health centers in Bomachoge Chache constituency well equipped with digital machines for Measuring vital signs namely Temperature, Pulse (Heart rate), Blood pressure, Respiration and Oxygen concentration in the body. It is sad that all the centers I visited had 1 manual blood pressure machine which was not working except in Gucha Level 4. Hypertension and Diabetes are killing lot of people and we need to to work together to keep them under control.’

“Am glad that the people from Bomachoge who are in the Diaspora are now united and working together to help our people in kenya where we can. Omogusii in the Diaspora has realized the power in the unity of purpose and am glad they are out helping my projects. I have already done 5 free medical camps in the Bomachoge Chache constituency, donated pair shoes to primary school children in the constituency, books to 16 primary schools in the constituency and my grand project of computers where 36 schools have benefited and am yet to ship more to the rest of the schools before 2020. The support from the people is so encouraging especially the chiefs and assistant chiefs and the clan elders. Working with them has played a big role in the success of the program. Specifically thanks to Chief of Ibencho, Tendere, Sengera, Tendere, Kanyimbo, and the MCA for Majoge Bassi ward Hon Cate Manzi for their overwhelming support and mobilization. Gucha MOH and their staff for the good back up. Kisii county Health director Dr otomu. And Charles Okemwa Nyambuka, Obed Mbaka, Tom Juma, Ronald Kiyondi, James Omweno, Samuel Raini, Dennis Moya, Haron Manwa, Omonchari Chindiba, Joel Nyachieo, for leading the Diaspora team to Bomachoge Chache”

Job Nyangenya Bwomanga is remembered for pioneering the Vision 2020 project. It was June 6th 2014 when one of the biggest event to distribute the pioneer program brought together big and small, from far and wide with a major representation from Diaspora in the spirit of “giving back to the community.” Indeed, in the first ever program, 60 computers reached the hands of 17 schools a great difference and true are the words,” Having constant supporters and people who are always there and always giving back and knowing that they’re loving what you’re doing is always awesome to see.”

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