Nyangenya Job Omanga launches campaign for MP bomachoge Chache Constituency

" Promises To Uplift 500 People To The States If Elected"

Nyangenya Bw'Omanga

Nyangenya Bw'Omanga, a Bomachoge Chache MP aspirant, had a homecoming reception on Wednesday at Riamo Primary School grounds.

This was an occasion that caught the attention of numerous electorates from the region, who came to see their expected leader.

Nyangenya swore not to let the citizens down if they elected him to Parliament. He also mentioned some of the things he has done for the people in the area, such as free medical camps.

He recalled the 2017 elections, when he went for ODM nominations, but the entire process he claimed, was a shambles. Despite the fact that he did not win the elections, he was able to uplift 150 people from his district to the United States of America.

Nyangenya also pledged to take over 500 residents to the United States if elected as the area Mp. However, he didn't mention about the party for which he will be running.

"I want you to listen attentively; if you elect me as MP, I will ensure that I have brought 500 people from the Bomachoge Chache constituency to the United States," he added.

Balozi Omwenga, the president of those living in diaspora, was among those who went. Sensi ward MCA Paul Angwenyi and Bokimonge ward MCA Amos Onderi are among those who have been elected.

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