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ODM Kisii County branch leadership resolves to continue working as a team to realize development at

ODM Kisii County branch leadership has resolved to continue working as a team to realize development at the County and the grassroots.

The leaders; Senator Chris Obure (Chairman), Governor James Ongwae (Secretary), Deputy Governor Joash Maangi (Organizing Secretary), County Assembly Speaker Kerosi Ondieki (Vice Chairman) and County MP Mary Otara said ODM is firmly united and committed to the party’s political cause in the region. Obure said the County leadership is strongly supporting County development projects and called on critics to give them time to deliver on their mandate. They warned critics against divisive politics that could distract them from discharging their work. Ongwae and Obure at the same time congratulated Nyabururu Girls national school for their remarkable performance in last year’s Kenya Certificate for Secondary Education (KCSE). The school, whose results had been held by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC), recorded a mean grade of 9.28. They further called on KNEC to release the results for Kisii School, Nyakoiba and other schools. +Kisii County +Kisii County council

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