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Officer Waiting for Uhuru Killed Near Airport

A traffic officer was killed by a motorist on Sunday night while controlling traffic in readiness for President Uhuru Kenyatta who was arriving from the African Union Summit in Ethiopia.


Corporal Levi Njonjo was knocked down by a private motorist near Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) as he was managing vehicles to pave way for the President’s motorcade at around midnight.

Confirming the incident, Embakasi OCPD Apollo Wanyonyi said that he was in the company of the deceased and officers manning the road when the incident happened.

“We were on presidential coverage before arrival of the President from AU Summit in Ethiopia. He had not arrived and we were just preparing for his arrival,” Mr Onyinyi said.

The officers reportedly managed to escape when they saw the vehicle approaching at high speed near the diversion towards JKIA, leaving Njonjo at a dangerous position.

“We were many officers on this particular spot and the car, a Toyota Wish driven by a man with his family, approached with speed and we moved away in haste,” stated Wanyonyi.

Wanyonyi confirmed that the officer succumbed to injuries on the spot due to the huge impact from the over-speeding vehicle.

“The next thing I saw was our officer being knocked. I heard a very loud thud and the sound of emergency breaks. After everything went calm, the officer was dead on the ground,” he added.

Addressing the situation, Nairobi Traffic Commandant Edward Mwamburi indicated that the driver who was detained at Embakasi police station, would be arraigned in court upon completion of investigations.

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