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PAUL BIYA RESIGNS AS PRESIDENT OF CAMEROON….false rumor spreading online 

“At 11:30 Am this morning delegates of the C.P.D.M met at the Unity palace for a meeting called upon by Paul Biya. He declared his resignation as president of Cameroon few hours ago as a motive of health and a change to bring democracy. This is very surprising as many don’t understand why the president who has made 30 years in power decided to quit without any plan of a next leader. Now the question is. What will become of Cameroon now and who is going to be our next leader?

Cameroon on a state of confusion at the moment every one wonders how the new government will look like. Some are happy and some are putting on sad faces. Paul Biya is presently in France to meet the French president Francoise Hollande to discuss about his sudden resignation as president. The issue is still pending and we will get back to you with more detail”

This was April 1 2013 and now it’s resurfacing.

This is false and therefore,I urge readers to differentiate authors by their definition. Some papers have clearly stated that they are gossip oriented and it seems we don’t take heed what they stand for.

Orina Ontiri

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