On May 3rd 2014, a case was presented to us by Nyangenya Bw’omanga. A boy 18 years old in Nyambaria Boys, sat for KCSE and when the results were out he had a clean A plain despite being away from school for over five months receiving chemo-treatments.That student was supposed to join Medical school at The University of Nairobi last May.This boy is called Perminus Nyakundi, currently in Moi Referral ailing from Blood Cancer.

“I have come to learn he is a fighter and respect him cos despite the chemo-therapies which seem to weaken him can still find time to hold a conversation on his dreams and Aspirations once he gets out of hospital like he is in no pain at all.I have never met Perminus before, i came to know him through a friend who gave me his number and since then i have been trying to figure out how we can help our young Brother. Perminus is in need of a Bone marrow transplant in India requiring 5 million or 40k per a week’s dose for months totaling 6.4 million. Being just out of form 4 with no father and a mother who is struggling. Perminus a young man with a promising future, needs us help him fight for his life in getting the Bone marrow transplant , for its in that Reason that God purposed us in life; Be our Brothers Keeper. Contact Perminus Nyakundi at +254720371194 Or 469-215-5410.”

Without delay, We brought the idea on air and realized though we know him not, help is necessary. In one of our Health programmes we identified Dr Sidhe of Hawi Foundation through Rose Nyakona David,doing free medical camps in conjunction with many organizations in Kenya. we were privileged to get FREE SURGERY to be done in EMORY HOSPITAL through the foundation. the boy was expected to be flown to USA ASAP but some procedures had to be followed. Thanks to Dr Hagembe who cooperated tirelessly with the team to ensure the process is accelerated.

It is unfortunate that the disease doesn’t allow us much time, the chemo therapies instituted are not helping at all. Speaking to perminus, “from the lab results the cancer cells are still there after 7 wks of high dose chemotherapy.” this is worrying. so many attempts to bring him to our Kenyan media was in vain until 13th may when the Standard writer,(Glory to God) Francis koech from Uasin Gishu broke the news informing our kenyan fraternityfollowed by Egesa Fm the following day. The well wishers and many touched in diaspora made attempts to get him ticket too. Back at home it was a great act when o Sunday at Nyambaria high a total contribution of Ksh. 1,121,059 was made.

Many dignitaries have visited the boy and this week;The county government, Diaspora team led by Nyangenya Bwomanga, Dr sidhe of Hawi ‘Balozi’ Walter Omwenga among others. It is of necessity that urgency of the matter is taken into consideration. speaking to the boy, “Dr. Sidhe has left here now.he has said let the tests of the donor be done from this side.Tomorrow he is meeting the hospital’s Director & he will start processing a passport to ensure by 7 days I am evacuated from this place.”that was on Monday and that sounds to be good news. Today Tuesday 10th june, preliminary passport stages have been done. We thank God.

Our People from all aspects of life, family, friends, Community Leaders, Media fraternity and all who took part in this-God bless you. Your prayers are of essence and it is our hope to see Perminus well.

#agrnews #Emoryhospital #healthupdate #perminusnyakundi

#agrnews #healthupdate #perminusnyakundi

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