Police arrest Utah man after six-year-old son chained to bed

Police have arrested a man in northern Utah on suspicion of child abuse after officers found his 6-year-old son chained by the ankle to a bed frame and alone at home.

The state’s Division of Child and Family Services took custody of the boy on Tuesday and the father was detained after an anonymous tipster sent investigators to an address in Logan, 90 miles north of Salt Lake City, police said.

“The complainant stated the six year old boy was chained up while his parent went to work,” the Logan Police Department said in a statement.

Logan’s police chief, Gary Jensen, told The Salt Lake Tribune the boy had access to food and water, and that the chain was long enough that he could reach the bathroom. He said the child appeared to have been living alone with his father.

The father, whose identity was not released by police, was booked into the Cache County Jail on suspicion of child abuse. He has yet to face any criminal charges

By Jennifer Dobner


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