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Raila Odinga happy with High Court ruling on security laws

Cord leader Raila Odinga Monday lauded the High Court after it nullified 10 clauses of the Security Laws Amendment Act 2014. Raila said the court in so doing has asserted its jurisdiction to supervise and ensure all the other arms of the State observe the Constitution. High Court Judge Isaac Lenaola declared sections 12, 64, 66, 34, 16, 42, 20, 26, 48 and 95 unconstitutional. “Although the court has not agreed with us with on a few statements of facts particularly regarding how this law was passed, we still congratulate the court for standing up for the Constitution,” said Raila in a statement. “Cord believes this decision will go a long way in ensuring adherence to the constitution of Kenya and protecting civil liberties,” he added. Some ODM legislators were suspended from the National Assembly for their actions during the passage of the law.

 “I thank all CORD legislators who opposed the passage of these laws, some of whom have had to pay with suspension from the House where they represent their voters simply because they stoop up against potentially bad laws and re-emergence of dictatorship,” said Raila

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