Security operation to recover arms kicks off in Suguta

A major security operation is underway in Samburu North to recover illegal firearms and stolen livestock following the lapse of a 48 hour ultimatum issued by the inspector general of police Joseph Boinett .

Security teams have been deployed to the volatile Suguta valley where attackers linked to a series of raids are believed to be hiding.

Contingents of security officers advanced to the volatile region amid tension following the recent raid by armed bandits in Samburu north where more than 1500 herd of livestock were stolen.

The exercise began in Suguta valley after the lapse the ultimatum issued by Boinett for those in possession of illegal fire arms to surrender them and the return of stolen animals.

Samburu county commissioner Joshua Kanatha said the security teams will comb the entire area including Suguta valley where at least 40 officers were killed and their guns stolen by bandits in 2012.

His sentiments come after several efforts to recover the arms ended in futility.

The bandits in the recent attack invaded Tuum village before fleeing with unknown number of livestock but 147 head of cattle were later recovered. KBC

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