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Seeking Silence

The month of May felt like it lasted for half a year. Day after day, I careened from one responsibility to the next- always running behind, always in danger of forgetting something important.

Over the past few days, dark circles settled in beneath my eyes. Friends and family began to remark that I “look tired”.

I knew exactly what to do. Last night, I set my alarm ridiculously early and then went to bed. I have to admit, it wasn’t easy dragging my exhausted self downstairs to make the coffee this morning but I understood that sometimes, weariness of soul is far more important than physical fatigue.

I grabbed my Bible, journal, pen (and coffee too) and slipped out the front door to the porch swing while everyone else slept.

Then, for the longest time, I just sat in the stillness. The only sounds were the fountain, birds singing, and…

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