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Shocking – Nakuru Woman In Kenya Confesses To Sleeping With Dead People For Money

A married Nakuru woman has shocked Kenyans after confessing on live radio show that she has been sleeping with dead people in search of wealth for the last three years, and according to her, she has made quite a fortune saying she now ‘has all she wanted’ in terms of financial success.

In an audio trending on social media the woman receives a call from a Hero Radio presenter, a Nakuru based radio, who had been requested by the husband to contact the woman on the allegations of her disappearance every week at night.

The presenter, Kate Vobic starts by asking the woman identified as Rose whether she knows Teddy. The woman confirms in the affirmitive that it is her husband.

The presenter then feigning ignorance asks the woman on where she has been going every week at night, she then pushes the woman on exactly what she does at the mortuaryy every time she goes there at night.

The woman confesses that she goes to sleep (sexually) with “freshly” dead people for money. And according to her, it is one corpse per night.

Rose further says that she parts with Sh5000 (approx 50usd) every time she goes to the morgue; to bribe the morgue attendant who lets her into the facility and helps find a corpse that has recently passed away. The woman who confesses to being barren refuses to divulge information on why and how sleeping with a corpse makes her money but it can be assumed that a Satanic ritualistic cult maybe involved.

About four years ago we were very low financially a friend introduced me to a witch doctor who advised me to sleep with dead fresh people in order to get rich,” Rose confesses.

Rose didn’t reveal how she gets her income but she insisted she goes to sleep with dead men but she said she has gotten rich.

Not even the plea by the presenter who asked her whether she would like deliverance from man of God make the woman change her heart.

“I am not ready to lose everything I have because of spiritual help,” she confessed.

Finally Kate delivered her message.

“It is disturbing your husband. He told me to tell you it’s over between you and her,” Kate told the woman.

“That’s me. It’s my life. Tell him not to take anything that I have bought in that house. I will get another man,” she says.

The woman further tells the presenter to alert her husband to leaving everything she owns in their house and walk away. The woman says the husband can go wherever he wants, get a ‘spiritual wife’ and she does not care. According to her she would not risk ‘loosing all the wealth’ she has so far acquired for anything in the world.

By Imran Islim of am

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