Simeon Nyachae Death is a Hoax

A serious hoax is spreading on Social Media and blogs concerning the death of a former Finance minister and former MP Nyaribari Chache constituency; Simeon Nyachae. AGR’s ‘Diaspora Heart Beat’ anchor  Felix Osoro spoke to a family member in New York who confirmed to us that it is false. The rumour concerning his death is a hoax.

Later the CIC chairperson, a son to Mzee Nyachae had this to say:”Some person or persons created a fake Twitter account @charles_nyachae and earlier this evening twitted that my father had died. This is not true. I spoke to my father about an hour ago and he is very well, for which we thank God. I cannot even begin to imagine what level of hatred would warrant such a move.”


An Oratorial speaker and grandson had this to say:

A hoax is an act that is meant to trick or deceive people.It runs from prominent people to the low in society, its basically a lie. Remember the rumors that Barack and Michelle Obama’s marriage is on the rocks were back in september, and this time they carried an added piece of gossip.

It is of essence that before such publications, we first confirm from the affected parties not just posts to draw stats to our sites with no use of sound judgement.

Orina Ontiri

AGR news

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