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The Bible Tells Me So

very very touching

Uh oh…

Someone got me started on religion and government again, this morning.

Disclaimer:  I hate writing about religion and politics.

But it seems like a person just can’t get away from it, no matter how hard we try.

Yes, I believe that participating in your community or church can be a vital and gratifying part of our life.

But I’m not gonna do it anymore.

I grew up in many different religions.

Whatever church revival was popular at the time and the church associated with it, that’s what religion I was until the next hell-fire and damnation sermonizer showed up….usually in a Cadillac.

My Granny drug us around to all of them…vacation bible school, church camp, pot-luck dinners after services….etc.

The highlight during some of these occasions were, for us kids, chasing each other thru the graveyards.

For the grown-ups, it was getting secretly hammered with hidden beer and…

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