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By: Moninda Marube

Since I was a young boy, I always felt a sense of passion for helping people. I knew I could help people to establish themselves, in various ways of their life. As time went by, and I grew in my experiences, it dawned on me that the greater my dreams were, the less likely they would come true without the help of others. I knew that holding hands and working together with like minds, we could ‘turn our driveway into a highway.’ Meaning, together we can achieve more.

Run with Moninda

‘Life is full of bills and wills,’ we work, we pay bills and taxes, we buy necessities for our survival and extras too, and hopefully we have enough to save in case an emergency and when we are too old to work. We are so engrained into selling our time; we are putting a meager value on our lives. We give ourselves little time in return to enjoy or share it with others. We completely miss the point. So in other words, your pocket will never grow full of money working tirelessly, nor will it grow full helping others. But it just takes a little bit of your time to start helping other people out. It is with this great revelation that I realized the best investment one can make is giving to others what one has an abundance of. Busy yourself with emptying your full cup into others’, no matter what it is full of, rather than spending your whole life filling your own cup, just to watch it overflow.

In my teens I found a God given passion for running and it became the start of the great adventure of my life. In the hours upon hours, years upon years of solitary running all over the world, I started to conceive many thoughts and ideas which manifested a deep desire to help people. I know the best way I can help people is by educating and sensitizing them to the idea that each one of us harbors a great giant within and it is very anxious to be woken up. There is greatness inside of you so immense, nothing can stop it; all it takes is action. I communicated these thoughts to my adopted Dad, mentor, and coach, Dan Campbell, in which he responded, “Moninda, whatever your mind can imagine can become a reality.” Our imaginations are the doors to our true capabilities. Communicating it with someone else who could also take action was the first step to making this great idea a reality.

After having shared my story with those around me it was easy for my adopted mom, Shari Boyce-Campbell, to sum up my entire life story. I have always been escaping. I am from Kenya, a free and beautiful country, but it is a 3rd world country. I was always escaping something in my childhood, consistently on the run; running from a corrupt police officer, running from poverty, running from illiteracy, running from insecurity and on and on. I now live in America and I still see people trying to escape things every day; running from bills, running from the past, running from judgment, running from taxes, running from expectations and on and on . This is how Shari came up with our name, Escape from Freedom.

We all know that behind any success there must be great bridges and ladders. An idea is just an idea until it is tested and put to action. We decided to reach out to those around us with time and a shared passion of helping others. The truck of Escape From Freedom remained in the parking lot until Meagan Dube-Theriault, got in the driver’s seat and drove the four of us down the highway.

We are dedicated to ensuring that the wheels of this great truck continues rolling, until we can realized our shared goals of educating our society to the effects of childhood and adulthood obesity, and also sensitizing everyone to the overwhelming abundance of modern day slavery, better known as human trafficking. We are living in a world where the gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have not’s is staggering. This gap grows wider every day. There are many ‘have not’s’ in this world, way more than the ‘haves’. If we ‘have not’s’ can come together we can gain our personal freedom and power back. If we choose to help others for the mere fact that it feels good, our world will change right before our eyes, and all of a sudden we have made ourselves into ‘haves’. The current ‘haves’ will have no choice but to share with us and in turn us to share with them.

Escape From Freedom would like to take responsibility for those most in need, through your blessing and support, by informing, educating, sensitizing, and most importantly, taking action. We want to do this with as many of you as we can.

“Let’s all aspire to live in a healthy society, that is ruled by love and charity.”Moninda Marube

Oct. 5th, 2014, Moninda Marube won the 23rd Maine Marathon in 2 hours, 29 minutes, 56 seconds. This was the third straight year and the sixth time in race history that the winner broke 2:30. Tiring and feeling pain near the end of the race, “What kept me going was the cause,” Marube said, “the cause of running the marathon, of Escape From Freedom. “That’s what gave me reason to continue running at the end.”

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