The government is yet to track down and isolate the 239 passengers-Kibicho

Six days later, Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho stated that the government is yet to track down and isolate the 239 passengers. Appearing before the National Assembly and Senate Joint Committee on Health, Kibicho stated the government knew where the 239 passengers were living but could not isolate them.

Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho now says the government is unable to mobilize the 239 passengers who arrived in Kenya aboard a Chinese plane, to the KDF camp as instructed by the court.

Speaking when he appeared before a joint Parliament’s health committee Kibicho however assured Kenyans that the passengers have not shown signs of the virus.

Last week the High Court ordered that all 239 passengers be quarantined at a Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) facility.

The respondents were to ensure that the passengers are traced, accounted for, re-examined and then quarantined either at the KDF facility or another specially guarded unit

Justice James Makau ordered that the said the passengers to remain in quarantine until they are duly certified to be free from corona-virus.

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