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There’s a time for everything: Our people want Development not power games and empty politics;

Govenor Mutua who has been ranked as topmost perfoming govenor since enactment of new constitution and new governance system, has taken to stage the unlikely stand.

He begins: The Bible says there is a time for everything. This is the time for rolling back poverty and freeing our mothers from the yoke of lack of water, our youth from joblessness and our children from diseases. With God’s help, we have the capacity and ability to transform Machakos to be a developed region.

Dr Alfred Mutua, Gov. Machakos county

People ask me, what is your desire – what do you seek? Power etc? All I seek is goodness and development for my people. There is no romance in poverty. We have only one life. The reality is, it is possible to change lives permanently. I am convinced that if we pull together, we can transform Machakos, Machakos and even Kenya to be a first world region – others did it and so can we. However, it is only in Africa where when one works hard to fight poverty and develop a region, one is vilified politically. It baffles me why any leader, anywhere in the world, remains comfortable year after year as the leader of the very poor? A leaders should be proud to lead people who are also doing well economically. People who are hooked on to power at times lose focus of the bigger picture. The bigger picture is our desperate people of God wallowing in poverty while we play politics. It is our duty to work to transform lives. It saddens me that some leaders see every move as a threat to their comfort level and to their control of power. It has always been about them. Well, this is the time for the people. It is not about me, Mutua, or any other leader but about the people of God who we should serve. We should all join hands and focus on improving our people’s lives and not just about ourselves. I am, as I have always been, ready to work with ALL leaders as long as the agenda is fighting poverty and super development and not just perpetuating same old power play politics of empty rhetoric, empty promises, tribal hatred and infighting. My people come number one, number two and number three.

That is the spirit of Maendeleo Chap Chap. Thank you and God bless you all.”

Govenor Mutua is one of rare species in the political arena.


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