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This Man Job Nyangenya Bwomanga

You won’t spend much time with him to see glimpses of his passion for service. What injures his conscience is the idea that there are people in society who have been disadvantaged or suffer much affliction, just because their representation and government has failed them time and again. His belief is that we are all destined to achieve our full potential, not excluding the depository of life’s endowments and inalienable rights as bestowed from our Creator the almighty God.

This election cycle, Job sees an opportunity to serve the people starting right at home in the Bomachoge Chache Constituency of Kisii County. For far too long politicians have squandered without remorse and become richer while common mwananchi get poorer. Job seeks to end this once and for all because in his view, people should not beg for what is rightfully theirs and no human should limit the potential of another human. The question then begs, what makes Job a better alternative? Understanding his passion for service and how he spends his time and resources helps to begin to answer this question. He sees leadership, not as a source of power but as an opportunity to empower. A good leader is prudent and wise, an attribute you can pin on him. The process of decision making is one he takes very seriously as seen in his ability to network and tap into various think tanks, together with a circle of carefully selected advisers. Better yet is his God fearing nature. For him the fear of the Almighty is the beginning of wisdom. Job is also a man of action and busy at it. At home in Bomachoge You will catch him talking to a stranger, distributing his donation of blood pressure cuffs and cyclometers to health centers, speaking to clergy and the faithful, or distributing hard sought computers to schools among other things. In diaspora you will find him forging alliances with willing partners, working on the dispatch of a homeward bound container full of wheelchairs and other medical supplies, or speaking at a town-hall meeting or spending time with family just to mention a fraction. Job loves people, something evidenced in his medical profession and interactions. It is no surprise many of his supporters and partners are not even from his constituency or party. His coalition of supporters has a diverse fabric in race gender, religious view and profession. His love for education is unquestionable, something he credits for his successes and open doors. Education to him holds the key to success in life. His goal is to improve its quality, access and delivery. As a family man and a father, Job understands well that we have borrowed the future from our children, and will do everything to leave a better Bomachoge Chache for future generations. It is therefore a civic duty for each one of us to elect or help elect men and women based of their character content and acumen because we become slaves to the choices we make, or the choices made by those we choose. The choice is clear for Bomachoge Chache. Its a fresh start if you choose Job Nyangenya Bwomanga! DB Mariaria Bwongeri.

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