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Tornado damages Jefferson County neighborhood and business

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO (KPLR) – The National Weather Service has concluded it was an F-1 tornado that damaged parts of Jefferson County late Monday night.

The Stockwell family ran to the basement when the storm hit.  Roxanna Stockwell said, “It was calm there was nothing going on and then instantaneously there was a roar it was loud all the sudden my ears popped and that really kind of freaked me out.”

Crews were cleaning up in her Lake Montowese neighborhood.  The tornado knocked down trees, took off the tops of trees and caused limbs to fall.  Some of them landed on the Stockwell family home.

When limbs hit electrical lines people lost power.

Down Highway 30 at Highway W the Hoods Discount Home Center was heavily damaged. About five thousand square feet of the building’s roof was ripped off. The flying debris smashed into a semi-trailer breaking…

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