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Traffic Backup After Cow Gets Loose On Texas Freeway

When the story begins with an official saying “Only in Texas” you know the story is going to be good. That quote came from a sheriff in Texas after a pet cow broke through a fence and went for a stroll on the interstate.

On the morning of April 28 drivers pumped their brakes and made room for the cow as it made it’s way along the Interstate 10 East Freeway shoulder during rush hour.

It is Texas, so the Harris County Sheriff’s Office livestock team was called and deputies were able to get the cow off the freeway and into a grassy area near a cemetery.

The cow was given a mild tranquillizer, coaxed onto a trailer (where it laid down) and eventually returned to it’s owner.

There were no injuries — human or bovine. It was just another traffic backup in Texas and another day at the office for deputies.

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