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Uhuru suspends Matemu, Keino from EACC

President Uhuru Kenyatta has suspended besieged Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission Chairperson Mumo Matemu and the vice chair Irene Keino  pending the formation of a tribunal to probe allegations against them.

This follows Wednesday’s recommendation by the National Assembly that the President forms a tribunal to investigate the two for alleged involvement in corruption, incompetence and abuse of office.

The latest move however casts dark shadows on the fight against corruption as EACC is currently investigating several high profile cases on corruption.

The Mps adopted a report by the Samuel Chepkonga led Justice and Legal affairs Committee that recommended their suspension and the formation of a tribunal to investigate allegations against them.

Geoffrey Oriaro had petitioned the National Assembly to remove both Matemu and Keino accusing them of hampering the war against corruption through incessant wrangles that have bogged down the commission.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has now moved in to suspend the duo pending the formation of a tribunal to  investigate them.

In  a dispatch to newsrooms, President Kenyatta says that Matemu and Keino are suspended from undertaking all functions and duties of their offices with immediate effect pending the outcome of the tribunal.

The President has powers under Article 251 (4) (a) of the Constitution to suspend commissioners of a commission after a recommendation from the National Assembly.

The dispatch also reads that the process of investigating the duo, in no way hinders the work of the organization which remains constitutionally established and operational.

The latest moves however appears to be a major setback in the war against corruption since the commission under instructions from the President was to investigate and conclude investigations surrounding alleged corrupt deals involving 175 individuals annexed in President Kenyatta’s state of the Nation address last  month.

But EACC also appears to have suffered the curse that has hit their predecessors with Harun Mwau, John Githongo, Aaron Ringera and PLO Lumumba having been casualties of the backlash from corruption cartels as they fight back.-KBC

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