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Uhuru writes to families of victims of Garissa terror attack


 President Uhuru Kenyatta has Thursday written to each of the families of the victims of the Garissa University College terrorist attack.

The President wrote to express words of comfort and sympathy to the families.

“I write to you with great pain and sadness hoping to share a few words of comfort and sympathy over the untimely death of your daughter, by the hands of terrorists. Miriam (one of the victims) was a young, productive person of great promise. She had every right to live and realise her dream in life, and you had every right to expect much from the sacrifice, love and support invested in her growth and development,” said the President

“I write to you in humility to express my regret at the loss of your dearly beloved child. We share your pain. Accept my condolences and that of the entire country. I promise that as a Nation, we shall never forget them, nor forgive those who took her life,” the President said.

The President assured the bereaved families that the Government was increasing efforts to contain the threat of terrorism.

He, however, added that it was regrettable that terrorists are now using our own young people to perpetrate their evil.

President Kenyatta assured the families of the Government’s support as they deal with the loss of their loved ones at the hands of evil people.

“My Government assures you of justice for this brutality.

We pledge to work harder for a better and more just country in honor of the memory of those we have lost,” the President said.

Each of the letters will be personally delivered to the families by a senior administration official.

The administration official who will be assigned to deliver the letter will also be tasked to ensure the deceased are accorded decent send-offs.

The President signed 130 letters and the rest will be signed after identification procedures are complete.

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