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Two Kenyans are reported to have been among the 7 people killed in the Monday explosion in Garowe town of Somalia.

Mr Ahmed Abdullahi Samatar alias Layli, the commander of Nugal police force in Puntland, a semi-autonomous state in Northeastern Somalia, reported an explosion at Garowe town, 1000 km northeast of Mogadishu.

The commander stated that 7 persons, including 4 foreign nationals working with the United Nations and 2 Somalis died and the suspected bomber.

He added that 7 more persons, including 2 foreign nationals and 5 Somalis, sustained wounds, two of the dead foreign staff are said to be from Kenya

Local media reports that the UN staff were working with the United Nations Children Education Fund (UNICEF) in Puntland. He said the blast was caused by a suicide bomber.

An Al-Shabaab spokesman for operations Sheikh Abdulaziz Abu Mus’ab claimed responsibility for the attack at Garowe, using various information outlets including al-Andalus, a broadcaster run by the jihadist group.

“We killed 11 foreigners who are in an invasion mission in Somalia,” said Abu Mus’ab. The fanatical group does not recognize the UN as a multilateral world body and considers its staffs in Somalia as invaders.

Puntland’s Vice President Abdihakim Abdullahi Amey visited the site of the incident. VP Amey quickly assembled a ministerial committee to lead the investigation into the deadly incident.


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