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Monsters of the Bible Make This Halloween

More Meaningful Than Scary

With Attention-Grabbing

Monster Tales from the Bible! Make Believe Monsters Are Nothing Compared to

the Truth – Discover the Monsters of the Bible

That Don’t Just Inspire Fear But Also Shed

Light on the Truth of God’s Word! This Monster-Themed Lesson Pack Includes:

Drawings from a Real CD Universe & Marvel Comic Artist, Exciting Lessons,

Fun Craft Ideas, Thrilling Games, Surprising Snack Ideas and Much More! Halloween is always a difficult time for Sunday School teachers. The holiday is a celebration of death that’s filled with blood and chain saws and scary creatures and much, much more that stands in stark contrast to the celebrate life message that we are taught as Christians. So what should you do? Should you pretend that all this squirm-inspiring stuff is not happening and just ignore it completely? Should you give a lecture that attempts to take all the fun out of your students’ plans – plans that some of their parents endorse – and risk coming off as a “wet blanket?” Or what if you took a different approach this year and used Halloween in general and monster tales more specifically to grab students’ attention and shed light on the truth of God’s word? That’s exactly what you can do with our new lesson pack entitled: Monsters of the Bible The truth is Halloween can be an ideal time to get out that Bible and present some of the more famed passages of Scriptures – scriptures that just happen to contain monsters! Monsters of the Bible are Scary But They’re Also Meaningful, Memorable & Fun to Talk About! There is not a comic-book publisher or cartoon creator who can create bigger plots or better monsters than those found in our Bible! For example, with this lesson pack your students will meet: The Giants of Genesis Job’s Leviathan Daniel’s Four Beasts The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Apollyon’s Locusts And many more monsters! Actually, there are probably as many monsters in the Bible as there are angel sightings. There are monsters in Revelation, Daniel, Genesis, Job and many more books. These tales can be the basis for hours of activity in the classroom – without getting too “doctrine-y” and without scaring up a lot of fear about an apocalypse. Here is Just Some of the Good

That Your Students Will Learn from

This Lesson Pack: That all myths, including their favorite comic book cartoons, have their roots in God’s truths!

That God has a special plan for each of our lives, and that includes special people to surround us!

How to understand symbolism through three monster scenarios that are all about symbols – these stories won’t just scare you or “gross you out” they’ll also make you think!

That monsters aren’t just “boys” – in fact, there is a female monster in Revelation with a very strange diet – stranger than a vampire’s diet!

Why it’s so important to have a personal relationship with Jesus – here’s one reason: Being close to Him is your protection, which will always keep you out from under the enemy’s super energy force shield!

That good wins over evil in the end, even when we are talking about the freaky, scary monsters of the Bible!

That in the worst of situations, we have to rely on Jesus and the Holy Spirit to warn us or steer us when things are over our heads!

And much more!

Don’t let God’s Truth Take a Backseat This Halloween! There is no reason to. Kids should not think that the Bible is a second-rate story compared to what they watch in the media – because it’s far better. It’s got just as much eye-popping imagery and mind-jarring tales of suspense. It is bigger and better than any story ever written, and most importantly… it is true! Help your students come away from Halloween knowing that God is imaginative, strong and courageous, and the monsters he has faced and will face down make him Ruler of the Universe forever and ever. Order Your Copy of Monsters of the Bible Today

for the Special Reduced Price of Just $7 That’s right, because we are releasing this lesson pack so close to Halloween we have decided to discount the price significantly – but here’s the great thing about this: Because this lesson pack is available as an instant download and because its directions are so clear and its projects easy to teach and complete you could buy this lesson pack as late as Saturday night and still use it Sunday morning in class. Monsters of the Bible The Lesson Pack Includes: Three lessons:

We present seven sets of monsters of the Bible, broken down into three lessons. Coloring Sheets:

You get special coloring sheets designed by the very talented CD Universe and Marvel Comic artist Bob Petrecca, who is also a believing Christian. His renditions of the monsters are sure to make kids’ eyes pop. These special drawings will be “keepers” that parents can hang on the walls during Halloween for years to come. Games:

Each of the three lessons is accompanied by at least one game that is fun, thoughtful, and easy. The games will help with memorization of symbols and understanding challenging concepts. Crafts:

Each of the lessons is accompanied by at least one craft. Some involve dress-up and painting each other’s faces, others require kids to figure out how to make themselves into a three-humped leviathan or a 10-headed monster. Snacks:

While monsters are definitely not tasty, these snacks are sure to be! Worksheets for Older Children:

Perfect if there is time left over at the beginning or the end of class, these three worksheets can help kids further learn their Bible monster verses. Our Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee,

Means You Have Absolutely Nothing to Lose! 100% Money Back GuaranteeThat’s right, we are so sure that you will love the Monsters of the Bible Lesson Pack that we are offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your lesson pack, all you have to do is notify us within 60 days of your date of purchase and we will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked! Just click on the button below to get your lesson pack today. Monsters of the Bible Claim Your Copy of

‘Monsters of the Bible’

Right Now YES, I want in! I want my own copy of Monsters of the Bible that I can use over and over again. Please give me INSTANT access to the material right now! Price Today: $47.00 $27.00 Today Only $7 Price Guaranteed ONLY Until We’ve Sold 250 Copies

(That’s a savings of 85%) Here’s what to do to order… Have your MasterCard, American Express, Visa or PayPal account ready, and click the pretty orange button below to continue…

Sincerely, mrk Mary-Kate Warner P.S. Everything about this lesson pack is easy. There are no expensive materials required, no extensive prep times for lessons. This is your chance to simplify your Halloween while making it much more meaningful – and entertaining – for your Sunday School students!

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