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Uzbekistan Interlude

I’ve taken a detour from Pakistan and am writing from the desert town of Bukhara. I’ll resume with more posts from Pakistan in a few days.

The Flight from Islamabad to Tashkent last week was only two hours but it felt like entering another world. It’s quite the change from South to Central Asia. The Uzbek’s are incredibly friendly and when people ask where I’m from all I have to say is New York and they totally relate. Many Uzbek’s have immigrated to Brooklyn and Queens and some of the faces here remind me of aunts and uncles growing up in Brooklyn. My grandmother is from Russia so it feels like a bit of a homecoming. It’s a quite a change from the California centric SE Asia I’ve come to know.

It’s wedding (they are called Toys) season now. Elaborate shops sell bridal dresses everywhere you look. These huge parties…

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