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Welcome “baba”

There is no doubt that Raila Odinga enjoys a massive following in Kenya. That will be evident when he jets in Saturday.But after the big reception when Raila is alone somewhere, a question that always comes to his mind will pop up again, “how comes that big public crowd never takes me to State House?”  Its a painful question folks. Its asked by organisers of a village harambee which is attended by many people by only 50k is raised. Either some people had no money, others just came to see the guests, others to sell ground nuts, others to pickpocket and others had nowhere else to go.

Back to Raila, there can only be two reasons why a big following fails to deliver you to power.

1. Either they are not registered voter.

2. There must be another crowd out there that out-votes your own.

Both reasons are very frustrating to Baba. If in 5000 people people only 2000 have voting cards the rest dont help much no matter how much they dance for you. So next time baba returns, ensure you put an IEBC desk at the welcome rally to ensure everyone goes back home with voting card. Only that will ensure that in future returns, Raila will inspect a real Guard of Honour.

Nyangaresi Nyang’ari  (Editorial)

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