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Why It’s Okay for a Gentleman to Cheat (2/2)

Shared by One Gentleman. Read Part 1.

The concept of role-playing is not a new phenomenon. More importantly, the act, or in my opinion, the art of role-playing, does not exist only through sexual exploration. In other words, handcuffs, a nurse’s uniform and blindfolds are not the only means for a couple to role-play.

A romantic stroll through the city, takes on an entirely new meaning, depending on one’s perspective. Why not become a tourist, who is spending their last night in this beautiful city, turning your partner into an eager and excited know-it-all local? You never know, this last night could represent your greatest memory in a soon forgotten city.

Studies show that the number of times Americans dine out weekly will change, depending on the state in question. According to a survey by Zagat, on a weekly basis, people in places like New York City…

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