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Willy Paul: am too young for marriage 

Popular gospel singer Wilson Abubakar Radido, better known by his stage name Willy Paul, has stated he will not marry soon as he had earlier disclosed. The 22-year-old cited being unripe for marriage and coming to his senses after “wrong people misadvised him” as the key reasons for calling off his planned wedding. “I am not getting married! I am too young. I was being advised wrongly by the wrong people. I am building my future,” he wrote on Instagram before pulling down the post. In a December 2 social media post, Willy Paul divulged he was going to wed his fiancée in a month’s time; arithmetically that translated to early January, 2016. “Only one month left before I finally tie the knot. It feels good. Bye bye to the bachelors’ world,” read his post in part. The Sijafika hit-maker said the ceremony was going to be an invite-only affair. He also issued apologies to the ladies he knowingly or unknowingly hurt. “Ladies, if there’s anyone that I might have hurt in the past I am deeply sorry from the bottom of my heart, accept my sincere apologies,” he wrote. Willy went further to offer nuggets of advice to his single gospel counter parts. “To all my fellow gospel artists, don’t be left behind. Choose someone and marry; don’t die a bachelor. Bibi huleta baraka Nyumbani (A wife brings blessings with her)!” However, all that seemingly won’t take place soon; thanks to the ‘bad friends’ Willy Paul has discovered are in his clique. “In 2015 I have learnt a lot of things; but the most notable one is friends are never good people; it is only God who is faithful. People are full of hypocrisy,” Willy Paul told Citizen Digital. “2015 has been a good year; I thank God for life. I cannot complain. Regardless of all the negative energy by some blogs, God has stood by me,” stated the gospel star. Little is known about Willy Paul’s fiancée, Sara, but word on the street is that she is a model of Ethiopian descent. When news broke that Willy was going to wed soon, rapper Rabbit King Kaka shared his thoughts on the singer’s plans. “It’s very good for him (Willy Paul). If he finds his girl fit for marriage, I don’t see why he shouldn’t proceed with his wedding plans. Marriage has no formula; the only requirement by law is a threshold age of 18 years. He (Willy) meets that,” said King Kaka.


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