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Witness denies report that Texas mom intentionally left kids in hot car

After one witness claimed shoppers smashed car windows to save kids from a hot car, another witness says that’s not what happened.

A man who captured video of the incident said two kids were rescued from a car in sweltering Texas heat, according to a report from KHOU-TV. KHOU also reported the mother had admitted to making a mistake by leaving the children in the car, and alleged that the mother was getting a haircut while the incident unfolded.

A later report by KHOU said other witnesses said the kids were trapped in the car because their mom accidentally locked her keys in the vehicle.

Surveillance video from a nearby shop showed the mother putting her children in the car and then, apparently, discovering the car was locked and her keys were inside according to the later KHOU report. The mother is then frantic, and gets a customer in…

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