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Youth standup reaction on Sugoi visit 

Video TRIBAL DELEGATIONS TO SUGOI ELDORET MUST STOP TRIBAL DELEGATIONS TO THE HOME OF THE DEPUTY PRESIDENT WILLIAM RUTO FOR HANDOUTS ARE OUTDATED AND UNACCEPTABLE . TRIBAL DELEGATIONS ARE A GENESIS OF CORRUPTION, TRIBALISM AND VOTER BRIBERY TO THE 2017 GENERAL ELECTIONS. Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto can buy the leaders for Sh10 million but they cannot buy the people.Its shameful that political leaders and MPs from Kisii, Nyamira and western can accept bribes from William Samoei Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta to defect to the Jubilee Party.It is shameful that even in the current constitutional dispensation people can travel to seek handouts and favours from the president and the deputy president.

Its the responsibility of the government of the day to to develop all regions of the country whether its a stronghold of opposition or Jubilee. The government has a responsibility to distribute resources equitably to all regions as per the constitution. The development projects are people’s rights and you don’t need to meet the Deputy President Ruto to get them. You pay taxes whether in opposition or Jubilee and you deserve the services. Its not a favour at all. The people of Nyanza, Western, Eastern ,Coast, North Eastern pay taxes as those in Rift Valley and Central provinces. Resources have to be devolved to the people in the counties without begging or requesting the DP or the president.

Its illogical for a delegation of 3000 people to travel over 200 KM to sugoi Eldorent to meet a single individual instead of that individual coming to meet them and save money and time. This reveals selfishness and greediness of leaders who are after money.No leader can claim that he or she has votes of his or her tribe to auction to Jubilee. People can not be auctioned like goats in Kimalel market. YOU DON’T NEED TO BE IN GOVERNMENT FOR DEVELOPMENT TO COME TO YOUR PEOPLE . RUTO AND UHURU HAVE NO MONEY OF THEIR OWN TO BRIBE PEOPLE FOR 2017 GENERAL ELECTIONS, THE MONEY BELONGS TO PEOPLE OF KENYA

Samuel Okemwa

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