Raila driver arrested, released in gun drama

THERE has been a confrontation between police officers and supporters of Cord leader Raila Odinga at the Kisumu International Airport after police arrested Raila’s driver Eric on allegations of incitement.

The driver was arrested and handcuffed, ready to be taken to the cells, when Odinga’s bodyguards and some civilians intervened swiftly and demanded his release. Security officers on duty and and a number of Raila’s guards drew their guns in the face-off, but no shots were fired. He pointed out that the Government was using the police to insinuate that Raila is not a law-abiding Kenyan. “We sense a sinister motive in the attempt to arrest Raila’s driver. Allegations leveled against him by police are sheer lies meant to discredit the Cord leader,” Okwach added.

He pointed out that police may be using the claims as an excuse to disrupt Cord’s Saba Saba rally today in Nairobi. “I think they want a way to make an attempt to arrest the driver in Nairobi today to cause chaos,” Okwach said.

Odinga’s director of communications Denis Onyango refused to comment on the matter. During the rally in Kisumu on Saturday, the Cord leaders cautioned the Government against using the military and the police to intimidate Kenyans during today’s Saba Saba rally in Nairobi.

Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama alleged a plot by Jubilee to print Cord T-Shirts and distribute them to their supporters to cause chaos so that Cord is held responsible.


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