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It is inevitable that Kenya adopts CBT regarding the latest menace, as part of getting a lasting solution. Computer-based testing is a simple and better way to offer the KCSE test. It allows testing centers to offer a more consistent test delivery, faster scoring and reporting, and enhanced test security.

The Facts

  1. Testing is done in person, on a computer, at an approved testing center

  2. Testing is not online

  3. Similar to paper testing centers, computer-based testing centers are reviewed and approved to ensure test-takers receive the best, fairest experience possible for their test

  4. Training for jurisdiction and test center administrators is included in set up of a new testing center

  5. Testing centers can use desktop computers or laptop computers, as long as minimum requirements are met

  6. Only 2 computers are required to become a testing center

  7. Computer-based testing is the standard for many other test delivery programs. And as technology continues to advance, it is also becoming the standard format for most of the key K-12 assessment programs.

among other points here are some of the Advantages to the Candidate

  1. Testing centers conveniently located around the world 

  2. Top-of-the line security measures:

  3. Extensive encryption

  4. No outside materials allowed inside testing rooms

  5. Strict candidate identification standards  

  6. A comfortable and consistent testing environment in all examination centers

  7. Images on the computer screen provide maximum readability 

  8. Answers are recorded directly into the computer, therefore eliminating possible transcription errors from scanning format answer sheets

Kenyans are so innovative and with the digital era, i think we can not go the analogue way for years. i rest my case Orina Ontiri is a broadcast journalist at AGR

Global Radio Network

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